Video Conversion Services: Keeping What’s Important To You Safe and Sound

Video conversion services are perfect for preserving precious memories. Turning old media like VHS tapes and 8mm film to digital safeguards it for the future. Your family history is important. It’s long been a tradition to pass along cherished family heirlooms to the next generation, as it’s a way of keeping that history alive. Many

Streaming Video On Your Smart TV: Coping with the Death of DVD Players

Streaming video has largely replaced older formats, especially DVD and Blu-Ray discs. Here’s what you need to know about how video streaming works! Once upon a time, when you wanted to watch a movie at home you would sit on the couch with a big old bowl of popcorn, pop a DVD in, and

Shopping Local at Your Friendly Neighborhood Video Conversion Provider

Think those big box stores are best when it comes to video conversion services? Think again — our friendly neighborhood video conversion provider will do you better. So you’re looking through your old home movies only to discover you’ve got a problem — the last time you had a working VCR in your home was

How to Preserve, Organize & Share Your Digital Files

No one is going to argue that the future isn’t digital. Precious memories like photographs and home movies last forever in digital format and take up literally no space. It takes some getting used to when it comes to preserving, organizing, and sharing digital files, though. While it’s easier once you get used to

Preserving the Past: Why You Should Digitize 8mm and 16mm Film

When it comes to home movies, there’s something truly classic about how it was done in the good old days. 8mm and 16mm home video cameras. Whether it’s the Super 8 cameras you used to capture family moments before the advent of VHS or its one of those old Bolex cameras that your own parents

Transfer Video Tape to Digital to Future Proof Your Memories

Transfer Video Tape to Digital to Future Proof Your Memories If there’s one thing that’s true, it’s that time waits for no one. We grow up, get married, start a family, raise our children, and then go on to watch, joyfully, those children start families of their own. Through it all we have our memories

Four Advantages of Outsourcing Professional Help on Video Transfer

Taking your old VHS tapes and converting them into crisp, shiny, fully-digital DVDs can be an extremely demanding task, particularly if you have stocked decades of footage and dozens of analog tapes. In most instances, you will be looking at days, weeks, or even months of importing footage, converting, and digitizing them. Even worse, as

How to Digitize Your Photos – The Ultimate Guide

Remember that day you asked your entire family to gather around your newly born child’s birthday cake for a photo? Yes, life is a journey, full of many beautiful events, and sometimes it’s great to sit back and reminisce about the good old days. What could be a better way to do so than going