Transforming your old VHS tapes into digital DVDs is no easy task, especially when handling a ton of footage. If you opt to go DIY (do it yourself), you will be in for a bumpy ride and you could spend hours importing, recording film files, and converting them.

But yes, it’s possible to do it. With the help of computers and advanced software, anyone can turn a VHS tape to DVD. However, there are some significant benefits to get someone with a qualified hand for the job:

1. Variety of Options

Taking on a DIY VHS to DVD transfer alone will limit the options in how you get your footage. Most software only allows you to convert to PC shareable media or DVDs. On the contrary, with transfer experts like Glendale Video Solutions, you will be spoiled with all of the choices – some of which would never have crossed your mind.

Glendale Video Solutions has been in the game for a long time, so they know the best software to use for maximum results. In addition, they offer extras like additional copies, easy sharing capabilities, and personal cloud storage solutions.

2. Convenience

As you now know, converting your VHS tapes to DVD is no easy task. Unless you have plenty of time and you don’t mind spending your weekends working on tape after tape transfer, it’s best to leave the job to the experts. These pros have the technical know-how required to convert your videos. The only task you will do is mailing your VHS tapes to them, and waiting for their repackaged return in shiny DVD’s.

Take your phone and call Glendale Video Solutions and let the experts digitize your footage for you – so that you won’t have too.

3. Quality Assurance

As much as you consider yourself tech-savvy, you may not match the expertise of a trained video transfer expert. Remember, you are dealing with sensitive footage; if you handle the tape carelessly you will lose your precious memories.

It is advisable to let a professional with a background in video transfer manage the conversion. Pros know how to make quality DVDs from decades of video footage within a limited time frame. Contracting a pro will save you time and money.

4. Reduced Costs

It may sound absurd, but dealing with a video transfer pro is cost effective. Otherwise, what’s the point of buying costly equipment that you will only use once or twice at most? Instead of trying to figure out the conversion process, pay a small amount of money to a professional video and audio conversion company for a quality product delivered within the shortest period of time.

5. Sense of Accountability

For most of us, our VHS tapes are irreplaceable memories -it would be tragic to lose video footage of your wedding or first anniversary while trying to transfer it to DVD. Remember VHS tapes are fragile. You need to handle them carefully.. That is why hiring experts who know exactly what they are doing is crucial. If an accident occurs and your tapes are broken, erased or damaged, there is no going back. Well, in reality, professionals can still recover your memories, but it will cost you significantly more. Most accredited video transfer facilities offer safety and quality assurances.

Note: Bottom-line, the choice is yours when it comes to selecting a method on VHS to DVD transfer. Be sure to consider the benefits and limitations of all processes before settling on one.