Convert VHS to Digital

The VHS format is great – it helped us record memories of our 80s – but it’s now out of date and style. Even worse, it’s becoming extremely difficult to find a device to play VHS tapes in homes, and they are much fewer in store shelves. Add this to the fact that analog video tapes and cassettes are the worst stewards of your treasured memories – they get ripped and chewed up by VCR players – and even if they don’t, they were not made to last for more than 2 decades. Luckily, at GVS, we convert VHS to digital and have made transferring your videos and analog cassettes into digital CDs or DVDs ultra-easy.

Just check the cassette or tape format you have, send them to us and we’ll convert them into your preferred digital format. We convert VHS to digital and most analog videos including, Betamax, VHS-C, S-VHS, Mini DV, DV Cam, Betacam and Hi-8mm. The digital DVD we will deliver back will be customized with a printed title, and made to last for decades on decades. They will be easily watchable on any DVD player or computer.

To-date, we have rescued 1000s of hours of treasured analog videos that were on their way to the attic and gifted them back to the rightful owners in an easy to store, shareable, and pristine DVDs. Convert VHS to Digital to share with friends and family.

Why You May Want to Transfer Videos

  • You no longer have a device required to play your videos or cassettes in their analog format
  • The color and graininess of the tapes fades away with time
  • Your video tapes or cassettes are continuously losing their quality even if you don’t play them
  • Storing your videos or cassettes takes a lot of space making storing them difficult

Video Formats That We Can Transfer

Transfer VHS to Digital in Glendale Arizona


Your VHS tapes may be outdated but the family memories in them are not. The only problem with VHS video is that finding a VCR to play them is not easy and this has made the good memories in these tapes inaccessible. Fortunately, at GVS, we convert VHS to digital and have the technology and expertise to rescue your memories locked in VHS videos and master it on digital DVDS that are playable on all DVD players, shareable on social media, and easy to store in your personal cloud.

Convert VHS to Digital Services in Glendale Arizona


Playing VHS-C videos require a VCR and an adapter which are hard to find these days. However, this doesn’t mean you have to let time separate you from your treasured memories. Our VSH-C digitization technicians expertly transfer VHS-C videos to pristine, high quality, shareable DVDs. We deliver your videos in clearly printed DVDs with custom titles as well as footage that are an exact replica of the original VHS-C tapes.

Transfer VHS to Digital in Glendale Arizona


Super VHS appeared as the improved VHS version for consumer cassette recorders in 1987. However, apart from losing their quality with age, continuous playing of these tapes reduces their lifespan. With our video transfer service, you can have your S-VHS video tapes transferred to DVDs making it easier for you to preserve your precious videos in a format that is easy to play, store, and share with family and friends.

Video Transfer Services in Glendale Arizona


Your Hi-8mm videos may hold unique charms, but unfortunately, you might not find the specialized equipment for playing them in your local electronic store. But don’t throw them away. Our Hi-8mm to DVD video transfer service enables you to have your Hi-8mm videos converted into high quality DVD videos that you can watch using your current DVD player, share on social networks, or store on your personal cloud.

VHS conversion service in Glendale ArizonaMini DV

Mini DV is one of the most popular formats that are used to preserver home recordings, concerts and home movies. Although Mini DV provides a great way of recording events and movies, they don’t provide better viewing when put in DVD players. But don’t worry. Glendale Video Solutions Mini to DVDs video transfer service enables you to convert your Mini DV videos into quality, customizable DVDs. We rescue those memorable get-togethers, birthday parties, graduations and Christmas mornings recorded over the years by converting them into durable, sharable, and easy to store DVDs.

video to dvd conversion in Glendale Arizona

DV Cam

DV Cam videos appeared in the 1990s but they have now been overtaken by DVDs which offer safe, reliable and most ubiquitous technology for watching, copying, and storing videos and films. Our DV Cam to DVD video transfer service enables you to convert your old DV Cam videos into clear, pristine and easy-to-store DVDs. With our service, you never lose anything from your DV Cam – we take care to maintain the quality, clarity and colors of your DV Cam.

Benefits and Reasons for using GVS

GVS is a family run business that first opened it’s doors over 10 years ago. We are based in the US and over the years, we have served clients from across all 50 US states. Our head office is in Glendale Arizona, and we are the industry leaders in analog video digitization. Our technicians are polite, friendly, and highly trained and experienced. They cherish rescuing and digitizing memories locked in analog video cassettes.

If you have videos in VHS, Betamax, VHS-C, S-VHS, Mini DV, DV Cam or Hi-8mm format, let GVS digitize them for you. Simply give us a call to place an order with us and we will be happy to rescue your favorite videos.

Here Are Some of Our Happy Customers

  • “This is exactly what I was looking for. I needed just a few DVDs of a school football game I shot. Everyone else had a minimum that started around 100. I just needed a few for family. I got exactly what I wanted. High quality. Friendly service. Nice people.”

  • “It's GREAT to talk to someone who knows exactly what I'm talking about & Richard got the job done ASAP.”

  • “Fantastic, fast service! Glendale Video Solutions did a great job!!”

  • "Quality equipment, professional service, and great prices. The only place I will go for future projects!"

  • "Very professional and excellent service. Fast turnaround reasonably priced. Very satisfied."

  • “The service was fast and on time as promised. Very professional and informative. Definitely will be using them in the near future. ”

  • “I appreciated the fact that I could personally drop off my VHS tapes and did not have to mail them out of town to be worked on. Thank you so very much for being in my area!”