At Glendale Video Solutions we specialize in film transfer. We also understand that movie film tends to deteriorate over time. During that time, the aging process has been hard at work degrading your film. Our film transfer cleaning and reconditioning process is a must to get the best possible picture quality during your transfer to DVD or Digital Files.

The cleaning process and materials we use are the same as those used by film archives around the world. We use a professional film cleaning solution that is applied to two linen pads and then your film is slowly guided between these pads. This solution cleans dust and debris from the film, and more importantly, it cleans built up oxidation from your film. This oxidation makes your film less clear and it is also what eats away at your film as it builds up. The cleaning and reconditioning process also lubricates your film and applies a protective layer to your film that helps prevent future oxidation. The result is a better picture and a longer life for the film.

We have invested in a fully equipped, film transfer digital studio that enables us to expertly transfer film to DVDs or Digital Files. Once your video is digital it can be preserved for decades without losing its quality.

At our studio, each film conversion is overseen and controlled by our trained and experienced technicians. Converting film to digital formats is one of the most tedious and time consuming services that we offer.

Film Transfer at Its Best

transfer 8mm film

We use a professional High Definition film capture method, advanced enough to get rid of the flicker on your aging film with a completely digital path and the highest quality capturing codec (Apple pro-res 422) your home movies will look fantastic. After the transfer process is complete, the files captured by the computer are then edited. We make several adjustments including contrast, brightness and color to make your film transfer look as good as possible. We also use special filters to reduce the grain and reduce the scratches that film tends to get through the years. This isn’t just an automatic process either. We actually review your footage scene by scene add transitions and make adjustments manually. This is another painstaking process that helps to get you the best possible quality for your film. Technological advancement is awesome!

You can have us put your movies on, DVDs, flash Drive, Blu-Ray Discs, or external hard drive, we offer several different file extensions – MP4, AVI, MOV, and many more. Make sure you choose one that is right for you, if unsure, contact us and our experts will advise you accordingly.

Why Transfer Your Films to DVDs

Easy Access of DVD Players

– Locating an old film projector in this new age is quite difficult. Most are obsolete and those available are treated as antiques with unaffordable price tags. On the contrary, DVD players are all around us and affordable.

DVDs Are Made for Durability

– The quality of your films will inevitably deteriorate with age, but DVDs are made to preserve your movies for decades. We transfer your film to platinum archivable master DVD’s rated to last 100 years.

DVDs Are Readily Shareable

– A film reel makes distributing or sharing your film with friends or family difficult if not impossible, DVDs (digital formats) are easily shareable.

In short, the era of viewing a reel of film using a noisy projector and a movie screen is long gone – now is the time to upgrade your films to the latest digital format.

Frame-by-frame Precision

Our film capture method records data in each frame in high definition to obtain the best possible quality. On an average order, we combine up to 75,000 frames to give the smoothest possible digital playback.

Latest Light Emitting Diodes

We use the latest light emitting diodes to protect your film as it is being captured. This light focuses on film digitization.

Removal of the Flicker Effect

We digitally remove the flicker effect from your films to deliver a clear, smooth playback. You have never watched your film this good.

Personal Touch

Your film is repaired, cleaned and conditioned and small reels are put on larger reels before the transfer process starts. After converting your film and transferring it to a DVD, we personalize it by printing your life event related to the film on it. Or we could give you a high definition mp4 file on a flash drive.

Years of Experience

We have been in this business for so many years, that we can confidently say we are the most experienced. We have mastered the tools of this trade.

Securing Your Precious Memories

Helping you preserve your memories is important to us. That’s why we take a great deal of care when working on every order you intrust with us because we know that your keepsakes are irreplaceable.

Major Film Formats That You Can Transfer to DVD

We digitize all consumer film formats including the following:

Film Transfer services in Glendale Arizona

Super8 to DVD or Digital File

Super8 films are some of the most treasured footages. It’s the American film format embraced by home film makers during the 1960’s. Unfortunately, finding the equipment necessary for processing, projecting and maintaining these footages is not easy. What’s even more discouraging, very few people have the right facility or equipment for storing them. The best option is to convert your Super8 films into Digital Videos.

At Glendale Video Solutions, we have the expertise, experience and facilities required to convert your precious Super8 movies so that you can view them on your smart TV, computer or DVD player. Simply contact us and we will be happy to transform your Super8 films into beautiful, crisp Images.

Once converted, you can watch, maintain and store your films on your personal cloud. Or share your dvd’s or digital files with friends and family. We guarantee you won’t lose anything when you convert your Super8 films. Instead, you get DVDs or digital files that are long lasting, more stable, easy to store and playable in numerous devices.

16MM film to DVD transfer services in Glendale Arizona

16MM to DVD or Digital File

The aesthetic of a 16mm film reel, whether color or in black and white, has an appeal to your eyes. However, if it’s giving you real trouble whenever you try to stuff it in your current DVD player, its striking beauty isn’t helping anyone.

Our modern 16mm film transfer process enables you to convert your film into a modern, watchable DVD format or digital files. Once the transfer process is complete, you receive a custom-titled, carefully labeled DVD or digital file. Every bit of the original 16mm footage will be accounted for. Most importantly, you will be able to watch your film in different devices and even store it in your personal cloud.

8MM to DVD

8MM to DVD or Digital File

Apart from being the preferred home movies’ shooting format, most popular movies of the 50s & 60s are in 8mm format. Unfortunately, many modern devices do not play films in this format and that’s where Glendale Video Solutions comes in.

Our innovative 8mm film transfer process converts your treasured films from the old, unplayable format to long lasting, pristine DVDs or digital files. We enable you to watch and preserve your treasured 8mm films in different devices. What you get from us are storable, playable and safe DVDs or digital files that can be customized and stored on your personal cloud.

Benefits and Reasons for Choosing GVS

  • High definition image capture for all films

  • Professional video transitions in between scenes.

  • Minor editing and image corrections where necessary

  • Frame by frame precision with high definition image capture and color correction

  • Individual attention, where each project is handled by professional editors. Your film is cleaned repaired and conditioned before it is transferred.

  • Affordable pricing

  • Fast delivery

  • Premium Customer Support

Why Choose Us

Glendale Video Solutions is a family owned business with clients from across the USA. Our company thrives on delivering top quality services to our clients. Our technicians are talented, polite and passionate people who really love seeing the smile on their customers’ face after transferring their films.

GVS is based in Glendale Arizona. We ventured in to business over 10 years ago with the primary goal of helping people preserve their treasured past by offering video conversion services from most film formats including videotapes, photos and audio formats. Unlike most of the competition, we handle each and every order right here in our high-tech studio based in the US. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

So, if you have old reels of film including Super8, 16mm or 8mm formats, we will be happy to convert and preserve them on to a Archivable Platinum DVD or Digital File. Contact us to get a free quote and to claim your awesome, first time discount.

Here Are Some of Our Happy Customers

  • “This is exactly what I was looking for. I needed just a few DVDs of a school football game I shot. Everyone else had a minimum that started around 100. I just needed a few for family. I got exactly what I wanted. High quality. Friendly service. Nice people.”

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  • “I appreciated the fact that I could personally drop off my VHS tapes and did not have to mail them out of town to be worked on. Thank you so very much for being in my area!”