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Video Editing Services in Glendale, AZ

Video Editing

At Glendale Video Solutions, we specialize in video editing and would love to help you with your project. No project is too simple or too complex. It is our goal to make video editing a painless experience for you.

We can edit just about any type of footage whether it’s a corporate video or your family’s vacation. We are here to help you every step of the way.

We use the latest professional editing software and state-of-the-art editing equipment to insure that you are pleased with your project. You could even sit in with one of our editors to complete your video just the way you want it. Of course, you may have more questions about editing and about your particular video. So call us today! We guarantee 100% satisfaction!

Our Video Editing Service Includes A Free Initial Consultation At Our Office During Normal Business Hours

Video Tape Editing

– If you are wanting your videotape edited the first step is to capture the video and convert it into a digital format designed for editing or we provide it to you on a dvd so that you could watch it at home. Next you would fill out our edit log that we provide you, where you would document the start and stop times on the segments of video you want us to put together for you. Our goal is to make video editing fun again!

Video Footage On A Hard Drive

– If you have some video footage on a hard drive, that you would like for us to edit, we would discuss the details during our initial consultation. To ensure the most productive consultation, please provide as much information and other materials as possible such as footage, music, notes/logs and description of the edit style you prefer, along with any other materials pertaining to your project.

DVD Editing

– If you prefer, we could do some preliminary consultation during a phone conversation. We could even email you our edit log so that you could pick out the segments on the dvd you would like for us to put together for you. In short, it is our goal to make a very tedious and time consuming task into a fun and painless experience for you.

Our Editors Take Your Video To The Next Level

Glendale Video Solutions is the video editing service you need to transform your raw footage into a professionally edited movie. Whether you have footage from a skydiving adventure, rafting excursion or your old home movies when you were a child. We can bring your footage back to life with special effects, slow-motion, and other techniques to preserve that special moment in your life to share with friends and family.

You can have us put your movies on, DVDs, flash Drive, Blu-Ray Discs, or external hard drive, we offer several different file extensions – MP4, AVI, MOV, and many more. Make sure you choose one that is right for you, if unsure, contact us and our experts will advise you accordingly.

Video Transcoding

Although video transcoding was originally employed to reduce video file size and make distribution on mobile devices easier, it is now increasingly used to make online media content viewable across platforms and enable HTTP live streaming and adaptive bitrate delivery.

Color Correction

Color correction has two basic steps: primary and secondary color grading. In the first step we adjust your video colors as a whole. Next we focus on correcting specific issues, such as removing or adding shadows.

Motion Graphics

Powerful stories come to life with a combination of graphics, animation and live-action footage. Whether it’s enhancing presentations with rich animations, or having a dramatic opener for your video keepsake, Glendale Video Solutions can create something special for you.

Title Sequences

We can create any type of title for your videos from dramatic openers, live titles with motion,  to scrolling text. Wouldn’t it be a lot of fun to create a Hollywood opening title for your home movies?

Voice-Over Narration

We could add a professional “Voice over” to your video. Voice overs create a different perspective and can make things more easy to understand. It makes viewers think about how the story has developed and what it is like to have this different view other than seeing it visually. It makes you understand the thoughts or feelings of the narrator and how important the story is.

Green Screen Keying

Compositing or keying is the process of creating images where the background of any object can be “keyed out” or made to look invisible, allowing you to replace it with another image. You might often see it on your nightly weather report or in movies where an actor can appear to be flying or jumping off a building. We can use these techniques on your next video production or just for the fun of it with your home movies.

Benefits and Reasons for Choosing us for Your Editing Project

  • Personal one on one consultations
  • Our goal is to make editing a fun and painless experience
  • We use professional editing software on state-of-the-art equipment
  • Our editing rates are very competitive, sometime a lot less than our competition
  • Individual attention, where each project is handled by your professional editor
  • We complete projects quickly to meet your schedule
  • We offer free consultations
  • Premium Customer Support

Why Choose Us

Glendale Video Solutions is a family owned business with clients from across the USA. Our company thrives on delivering top quality services to our clients. Our technicians are talented, polite and passionate people who really love seeing the smile on their customers’ face after transferring their films.

GVS is based in Glendale Arizona. We ventured in to business over 10 years ago with the primary goal of helping people preserve their treasured past by offering video conversion services from most film formats including videotapes, photos and audio formats. Unlike most of the competition, we handle each and every order right here in our high-tech lab based in the US. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. Please consider us for your next editing project, we are here to serve you! Just give us a call to discuss your project further.

Here Are Some of Our Happy Customers

  • “This is exactly what I was looking for. I needed just a few DVDs of a school football game I shot. Everyone else had a minimum that started around 100. I just needed a few for family. I got exactly what I wanted. High quality. Friendly service. Nice people.”

  • “It's GREAT to talk to someone who knows exactly what I'm talking about & Richard got the job done ASAP.”

  • “Fantastic, fast service! Glendale Video Solutions did a great job!!”

  • "Quality equipment, professional service, and great prices. The only place I will go for future projects!"

  • "Very professional and excellent service. Fast turnaround reasonably priced. Very satisfied."

  • “The service was fast and on time as promised. Very professional and informative. Definitely will be using them in the near future. ”

  • “I appreciated the fact that I could personally drop off my VHS tapes and did not have to mail them out of town to be worked on. Thank you so very much for being in my area!”