Convert Photos & Slides

We can convert photos & slides to digital to help you get organized or to create a special photo montage.

We all treasure our old, analog photos because they convey a lot of information and emotions in a single frame. Unfortunately, analog images and slides fade in color pretty quickly, and it’s becoming extremely hard to find a projector to view them. That’s where GVS photos and slides digitization services come in handy. Digitizing your old photos and slides merges your past with your present, making sure people will continue to see your stories. Digital images and slides are easy to organize, and unlike analog ones, they are easy to share on web galleries, Facebook and Twitter. At GVS, we love photography and digitizing all things analog. This means we can transfer all formats of photos, including negatives and slides and put your images on USB or DVDs.

The Specific Benefits of Digitizing Your Photos Include

  • Convert photos & slides to share digital images with friends and family.

  • Digital images and slides are easy to organize.
  • It’s easy to use digital images and slides to create something special such as a photo montage or cards.
  • Unlike analog images and slides, digital slides and photos do not fade.
  • Mediums of playing and viewing digital images are readily available.

Your photos, slides and negatives are carefully digitized by our seasoned staff and can also be used to create a custom photo montage.
Each and every photo is carefully handled by our trained staff, who preserve thousands of photos everyday.

Formats of Photos and Images That We Can Digitize

Convert photos and slides to digital

Photo Prints

We can digitize your old photos allowing you to view or store them in your computer or personal cloud. We inspect all the photos before scanning and digitizing them, ensuring that the yellowing photos are returned to the original luster. We deliver clear and crisp images that you will not only be proud of, but also store and preserve them any way you like.

Convert negatives to digital photos in Glendale Arizona


The time when photo negatives were a perfect way of holding on to photography is long gone. GVS negative scanning service enables you to digitize negatives in an excellent manner. In addition to preserving your photography, our negative to digital service returns the original brilliance of your photos. This is because our digitization process stores negatives in high-resolution bringing back color-corrected, bright, digital images.

Convert photos to digital service in Glendale Arizona

Film Slides

Our slide scanning service enables you to hold onto old memories from your treasured moments. We take old slides and convert them into formats that are easy to preserve. Our slide scanning process also restores your slides to their original glory. Each slide is color corrected, cropped and rotated for correct viewing.

Benefits and Reasons for GVS

  • Storage and access to your digitized photos for up to 6 months
  • We handle and scan photos and slides by hand to obtain the best possible quality
  • GVS offers you custom options for organizing, labeling and editing photos and slides
  • Fast digitization of your photos and slides
  • Delivery of quality photos and slides in your preferred format
  • We scan photos and slides using the highest dpi possible to obtain the best resolution for the image we are scanning and what its being used for.

If you have photos, negatives or slides that you want to digitize, don’t let them waste away somewhere in your home. Simply place an order and we will be happy to digitize them for you.

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