Audio Transfers

Although some of us still have some audio cassettes from the 90s that we treasure, rewinding cassettes is now something of the past. Even worse, finding a Walkman to play your 90s audio format is very difficult. Yes! Cassettes are awesome, but they were not made to last. Over time, they deteriorate in quality, get dry and break, and having a single copy makes it hard to share with family and friends. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear your grandmothers voice again, hear your old recordings of relatives that are no longer with us? Fortunately, at GVS, we specialize in audio transfers and have made it possible for you to digitize your old audio formats into more playable formats.

Each day, we help 100s of Americans convert their tapes to CD or Mp3, giving them the freedom to blast their tunes from the 90s again and again, share with friends and relatives, fast forward and rewind as much as they want. Audio transfers are our specialty!

Benefits of Digitizing Your Audio

Enjoy Clarity

– It is more enjoyable to listen to digital audios – they are smooth and free from unwanted noise. You can also slow down or speed up your audio as per your desire.

Preserve Originality

– Digitizing your audio not only guarantees safe storage, easy retrieval and easier transportation, but also it ensures that your data remains intact and unaltered for a very long period of time.

At Glendale Video Solutions we combine tapes up to 80 minutes and still get a professional sounding CD’s because we take the time to enhance each segment or tape individually to the best possible sound. We specialize in all audio transfers!

Common Audio Transfers

Transfer Services of Cassette to CD or Mp3 in Glendale Arizona

Cassette to CD or Mp3

Apart from being unstable, cassettes are prone to damage or breakage. Also, it’s getting hard to find cassette players – even modern cars are not coming with one. But don’t throw your cassettes into the attic. We will digitize and store them in CDs which are easy to store, last longer, and are the most prevalent method of listening to audios.

LP Album Transfer to CD or Mp3 in Arizona

LP Transfer to CD or Mp3

If you have an LP album that you have treasured for years, this might be the high time you digitized it. Converting your LP audios into CDs will make them last longer and retain their quality. Your CDs will not wear after repeated play, crack or warp. We will also use our digital noise reduction technique to improve the quality of the original recording and re-master it into CD sound.

Audio Transfer Services in Glendale Arizona

Reel to Reel to CD or Mp3

Finding a reel-to-reel deck these days is becoming harder and harder to find. Open-reel also means openness to water damage, binding, mold, dust and deterioration. Audio transfers from reel-to-reel to CD enables you to get your audio in a convenient, durable and portable format.

Arizona Audio Transferring Services

78’s to CD or Mp3

78 rpm is the “average” 78 rpm record that was released between the 30s and 50s. Majority of them are made of shellac, a heavy and easy-to-break material. Fortunately, at GVS we can convert your 78 rpm audio record into CD.

Convert 45’S to digital

45’s to CD or Mp3

If you have the typical 7-inch 45 rpm audio record or the jukebox-type, there has never been a better time to convert it to CD. This includes home-made records, USO records and automat-type machine records

Convert cassette to digital in Glendale

    Micro Cassette to CD or Mp3

Micro Cassettes have long been used as a substitute of the standard audiocassette commonly to record things on the go, such as lectures or answering machines. We can convert your micro cassette to Cd, Mp3, wav, or any other audio format you can think of!

We Don’t Just Map Your Old Audio to CD, We Add More Value

1. Audio restoration

At GVS, audio transfers are our specialty! We remove the following forms of recording errors in your old audio format:

  • Static hums and hisses
    We minimize all unwanted humming and hissing that goes on and on in your recording to create a precise digital sound quality.
  • Unwanted sounds
    Older audio cassette tapes may contain randomly placed blips of static noise, or even some unwanted audio. Our editing skills can eliminate all these from your desired music.
  • Pop/click
    Accumulation of dust particles may cause a cassette to develop click or pop sounds in the recording. We fully remove such sounds during the conversion and transfer of audio files from cassette tapes to CDs.
  • Digital I/O
    Direct digital dubbing ensures that your audio is never down converted, and your newly mastered CDs are crisp and clear.

2. Custom Placed Track Splitting

We offer you the option to create track splits at any place in your recording.

3. Provide Data Variations

We can transfer your audio cassette recording into just about any file format that exists, depending on your specified bit rate, number of channels and hertz. For example, default MP3 settings are 320 kilobits per second at 44,100 hertz.

4. Customized Music

We ensure that our end product matches all your specifications before delivery.

5. Backup for Your Precious Recordings

Once the audio to CD order is completed, we store your files to our in-house computers for up to 6 months in case you decide you want extra copies in the future.

Why Choose Glendale Video Solutions?

Glendale Video Solutions is a US based, family run business with clients from all the 50 states. Our company is the market leader offering best quality services. Our employees are talented, polite and experienced. They understand the importance of helping you relive the good old days. That’s why we guarantee all our clients 100% satisfaction.

We ventured into business over 10 years ago, with the primary goal of helping people preserve their roots by providing cutting edge audio, video and film transfer services.

So, if you have any mix-tapes or live recordings from your past that you treasure so much and fear that they will degrade over time? Bring them to us and let us help you relive those funky times.

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