Think those big box stores are best when it comes to video conversion services? Think again — our friendly neighborhood video conversion provider will do you better.

So you’re looking through your old home movies only to discover you’ve got a problem — the last time you had a working VCR in your home was the Clinton administration. Not only that, but those hundreds of slides from your family trip to the Bahamas when you were a kid are collecting dust because you don’t know the first thing about getting a slide projector to work. Making matters worse, you know those old reels of 8mm filmstrip of your folks when they were kids are about five minutes away from deteriorating and being lost forever.

But wait! There’s a solution to your dilemma. Digital video conversion can take your old VHS tapes, slides, photographs, and even home movie filmstrips and turn them into digital files that can last a lifetime without any worry of being degraded. Even better — when you turn to your computer and run a Google search for “video transfer service near me”, you find a dozen hits. “Oh, look at that,” you say. “I can take my stuff to my local big box electronics store and they’ll do it for me!”

Hold On There a Minute, Chief

Freeze. Do you see what you just did? You chose a big box store over your friendly neighborhood video conversion provider. This seemingly innocent decision could end up costing you more than you bargained for. We’re not talking about your bank account, either. Yes, most local businesses can’t compete on price with the big dogs, that’s very true. Yet the truth is that if you’ve got a local provider in your area that’s ready and willing to convert your home video to a digital format, choosing to go with a big box store instead is just about the worst thing you can do on a number of different levels. Having a hard time believing that? Here’s why.

Your Precious Memories Deserve a Personal Touch

Locally-owned shops know they’re at a disadvantage right out of the gate when it comes to big box stores. Competing with big box stores on a lot of fronts is next to impossible, as they don’t have deep corporate pockets or nearly limitless inventory space. Yet what they lack in resources, local businesses make up for it when it comes to things like customer service and attention to detail. That’s where these local providers shine like diamonds in the rough.

A local video conversion provider gives you a dedicated, personal touch to any job they do because they know what a difference it makes. A customer happy with the amazing job on their home movie conversion will come back for more work in the future, and that motivates your local provider to work much harder than someone behind the counter at a big box store!

Better Experienced and More Knowledgeable Staff

There’s another reason why you can expect better results from a local video conversion provider, and it’s not just about their ability to provide dedicated and personalized service. The truth is that a local provider is likely to have staff on hand that are much more experienced and knowledgeable than big box store employees. This means that, when push comes to shove, any video conversion is likely to look and sound better when coming from a local provider.

Big box store employees are trained to do a little bit of everything, from running the register to stocking shelves to processing returns. This means they likely lack the specialized knowledge that it takes to pull off a successful video conversion at the highest quality. Following written instructions created by some corporate overlord might get the job done, but not when you compare it to the artistry that a skilled and experienced expert can bring to the table!

Using Local Video Providers Directly Benefits Your Community

Turning to your friendly neighborhood video conversion provider does more than just guarantee you’ll get the highest quality home video conversions you could want. That’s because supporting local businesses provides a huge boost to your community overall in ways that spending money at a big box store will never accomplish, and that’s a proven fact.

Every dollar spent at a local business gets poured right back into the community. From paying employees, replenishing inventory, or re-investing in higher quality equipment and services, local business owners have deeper ties to the community than any multinational corporate overlord that might be in charge of your town’s big box branch.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Will going to your friendly neighborhood video conversion provider run you a few extra bucks in comparison to what a big box store would charge you? Maybe. You know that a locally-owned business can’t always compete with a national chain when it comes to things like price. At the same time, we’re talking about your precious family memories, things that will otherwise be lost to time if you leave them to disintegrate over time, boxed up in some basement or attic for years.

In the end, it’s always your choice as to where you want to take your home movies to have them digitally transferred. Just remember, bigger is not always better — and the advantage in price disappears when you look at the downsides. If you feel comfortable in picking the first big box listed in your “video transfer service near me” Google search, then more power to you. Just be aware that you’re leaving a lot on the table when you do so. This includes better customer service, a higher quality end result, and the peace of mind of knowing that you’re directly helping your community in ways that shopping at that big box never would.